Jean Munro/Laura Feeney Joint Chairperson's / Trustee
Debbie McCraw/Christine Gifford Joint Vice Chair's/ Badminton&Boccia
Judy Carruthers Treasurer/Trustee/ Boccia Coach
Gillian Ogilvie Secretary/ Trustee 
Lynne Sturgeon Swimming / Multisport Coach
Andy Bruce Bowling / Multisport Coach
Caroline Bruce Bowling / Multisport Coach
Janice Graham Judo Coach/Ten Pin Bowling Coach
Jamie Smith Football Coach
Ian Chessar CyclingCoach/ Swimming Coach
Elaine Chessar/Jacky Yirrell Swimming Coaches
Peter Mulholland Bowling / Multisport Coach
George Graham Ten Pin Coach
Christine Gifford Boccia Coach
Fiona Cameron Badminton Coach
Fiona Cooke PVG applications



"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt"