As a Volunteer

Volunteers fulfil vital roles both on and off the field of play to ensure a safe, well organised and fun environment in which our athletes can train, compete and socialise.

Volunteer roles include sports coach, driver, steering group/committee member, PR (photography), fundraising, general event support, family support, volunteer co-ordination and more.
Whatever the role, each and every volunteer makes a significant contribution, the combined impact of which truly changes lives.

Volunteering is a way of making new friends, learning new skills, facing new challenges and participating in many new and diverse experiences. These experiences can be very individual or shared and are often quite unique.

“The real difference volunteers make in improving/enhancing the lives of the people we support with Learning disabilities, enabling them to have a great deal of fun at training and competitions, healthy exercise and a better quality of life”. - Special Olympics GB volunteer, Volunteer Survey 2014

Are there any restrictions on who can volunteer for Special Olympics GB?

Special Olympics GB volunteers reflect many sectors of our communities: students, employed, unemployed, retired, disabled etc. The time commitment varies depending on the level you wish to become involved at and the amount of time you have to offer – there are opportunities for all.

How old do I need to be to volunteer at Special Olympics GB?

You need to be aged 16 and above to formally register as a volunteer with Special Olympics GB and, until the age of 18, will required to be under direct supervision of a Registered Volunteer.

Do I have to be fully qualified if I want to get involved as a coach?

Every week Lothian Special Olympics provides training in a range of sports. The sports offered will depend on the level of athlete interest, availability of coaching volunteers, support volunteers and facilities.
Our volunteer coaches play a unique and indispensable role in the Special Olympics Movement, nurturing the skills and spirit that define a true athlete.

As role models and character builders, coaches give Special Olympics athletes the most immediate awareness of their own worth, ability, courage and capacity to grow and improve.

Volunteer coaches come from all walks of life and backgrounds, and don’t need prior experience – we provide the necessary training and resources. To be a Special Olympics coach, all you need is a compassionate nature, a desire to help others and a lot of enthusiasm.

I’m an accredited sports Official, are there opportunities for me to get involved?

If you are an accredited official in any of our sports, we would also be delighted to welcome you to volunteer and as an official in our competitions.


Whether you are a qualified coach or simply looking to join Lothian Special Olympics, we would like to hear from you.


"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt"