Lothian Special Olympics News

11th March 2017

Golf (Update January 2017)

The Sheffield Team are ticking over at the moment weekly/fortnightly trips to Melville – weather permitting. We will be organizing regular weekend golf for this group – probably at Castle Park once it warms up a few degrees. Need to get a schedule written out – depending on who is available & when.

Having been out at Melville in the evening – there is not a lot of pleasure being there in the evenings (at the moment). It is bitterly cold – we will probably give it another few weeks before recommencing sessions.

11th March 2017

January monthly report for Judo (East of Scotland Physical and Intellectual Judo Group)

Our first session is back on in February.

British Judo Association have their annual National Disability Session on Saturday 11th February, ESSN are looking to attend again this year with a few players.

Judo Scotland are also holding 2 National Disability Session this year the first begin on the Saturday 1st April and Saturday 3rd June at Judo Scotland National Dojo. Jo and Janice are leads on these events.

Plans are well under way and starting to come together for our annual competition on April 22nd.



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