Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing is more accessible to Special Olympics athletes than most people think.

Athletes start by learning to walk (in skis) on the flat before sliding straight down the hill. They then progress onto learning the snowplough position with basic turning and then onto parallel skiing.

For those then wanting to take part in competition (8 years and above), there are a range of events available to cater for all abilities:

  • 10 Meter Walk
  • Glide
  • Super Glide
  • Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Slalom
  • Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Giant Slalom
  • Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Super Giant Slalom

The 10 Meter Walk, Glide and Super Glide are beginner events and are used as an introduction to racing for those who are still developing their skiing skill and have yet cannot make full snow plough turns. The Super Glide should be applied to those skiers who have started to turn and deflect the skis off the fall line. The Super Giant Slalom events are only undertaken during events on full size slopes in a mountain environment.


If you are looking to find out more information regarding this sport, use the link below to contact us and we will pass your information onto the coach.


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